Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bodie Ghost Town

Last November my family and I went to Bodie State Historic Park. It's called Ghost Town because no body live there anymore.  To learn more about Bodie history, you can read the wikipedia article here.

It took us 6 hours on the road to get there from our house. My brother and I were so excited to see the snow.
I like to make and play with the snow but I don't want to live in snowy place because I am scared of the cold.
This is the church in Bodie that still standing.

My mom thought that this house was interesting because the owner display his collection in the window.
Can you see those bottles?
There was well too.

We also went inside the museum. It has many interesting old stuffs

 There were big wagons inside the barn. I think it would take many horses to pull those big heavy wagons.
There were old truck
and abandoned gas station. 

There was a place where my voice echoed; so me and Didi kept saying, "Echo, echo, echo"

I took a peek inside the house.
It is interesting because we can see how people live at that time. Many things are broken because people no longer take care of it.

This was a school building.
I may go to school here if we live there during that time.

Didi was tired by then and asked to be carried to the car.

Bye Bodie, it's good to see you.