Thursday, July 3, 2014

Field Trip: Aquarium of the Bay

My mom just wrote a blog post about Monterey Bay Aquarium. So I told her I want to write about the other aquarium that we visited last year: Aquarium of the Bay at San Francisco

This aquarium is much smaller than the Monterey Aquarium but I still like it because some of the animals are different than the ones in Monterey.

They also has touchpools where we can gently touch the animals like sting rays,
leopard and horn sharks,
sea stars and sea cucumbers:
My favorite part was the frog and tortoises:
The aquarium also has jelly fishes
My mom favorite was the tunnels. I think it's pretty cool because it has giant sea basses

After that we went to see the sea lions at Pier 39

I saw some of them fighting for space.
The sea lions were loud and stinky

Visit their website for more information on the hour, direction, and tickets.